Walthall Oil Company

Bulk Fuels

We specialize in partnering with many Construction, Industrial, Trucking, Power Generation, and other various industries to supply fuel efficiently and competitively. We have years of experience and dedicated personel to service you 24/7/365.

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Bulk Lubricants

We have the ability to supply a wide variety of lubricants and services.  From engine oils, greases, industrial lubricants, hydraulic oils, landfill gas engine oils, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), oil analysis, and food grade lubricants, we have the experience and product availabilty to help with all your lubricant needs.

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Convenience Stores

We operate 10 convenience stores throughout the Middle Georgia area.  We strive for clean facilities, friendly staff and top quailty products every day.  We also have the knowledge and experience to help you build or operate your own store, from store construction, branding and supply contracts. 

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Our Brands